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Advanced Pattern Cutting Week 5

The end!

Final Toile:

I am quite happy with my final toile, I am definitely more confident in my pattern cutting skills now that I have gone through this process on my own. If I could continue to work on this I would further extend the volume on the CF that would give the ballooned silhouette, I would also make the darts more pronounced on the CF to create more shape. I think I would also add a buttonhole to the pocket decoration and a hook and eye fastening to the waistband above where the zip ends.

I learned a lot in this process, I taught myself how to draft and sew a fly and placket, which I hadn't done since my first year, I also had to figure out how to extend my CF pattern in a unique way. I now trust myself and my skills way more as before I wasn't sure of my ability but I have definitely proved that I am good at what I do.

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