About Me

Hi, I'm Emma, a recent graduate from Grays School of Art and a lover of fashion, textiles, and knitwear. As an Aberdeenshire native, the remnants of a once-great industry surrounded me growing up, along with traditional craft work and heritage. I always loved working with my hands, and luckily, I was pretty good at it. 

So I set off to Grays, and over the course of 4 years, I changed from a school kid into a designer.

My work seeks to empower the powerless, to capture the intangible experiences we go through, and express what words often fail to. My final two years focused heavily on women's experiences, surmounting in my final project that looked inward to my own trauma and survival story of sexual assault. I felt that the best way to process it all was through what I made, and that hopefully others going through the same would feel less alone for having seen it. 

I am passionate about exploring the boundaries of design, especially working towards low or zero waste practices. Sustainability is hugely important to me, and I believe that it should be the main focus of every fashion or textile designer or company, as the textile industry is one of the worst polluters in the world. This is why I have creates The Mend Project in which I take in beloved items of clothing that need some TLC and repair them, either invisibly or creatively to allow them to be prolonged.

One of my long term goals is to help rebuild the industry that once stood here in Scotland, whether that is working with upstarting Scottish designers, production houses or through my own business here in Aberdeen, I want to create opportunities for people like me that used to have to travel far and pay a lot to even get the chance.