First-year Projects
The Garment Project

This Project was a collaboration with RGU Go Green, we had a benefit fashion show in the atrium of RGU's Sir Ian Wood Building. It was the first time i had ever sent a garment down the runway, and it is an experience i shall not soon forget.

I loved working on this project, it was really challenging to figure out how to put all the puzzle pieces together, however i am so happy and proud of my final design.

Grays Days and Geometric City

At the end of first year, I was quite confused. I wasn't sure of myself and I took every critique to heart. I now know that that is a dangerous mindset and that it isn't right to just follow along with exactly what the tutor advises. I can see so many mistakes and shortfalls in this project, I wish I had done it justice. Despite that, I do really like the final designs as conceptual pieces.

Bench Rust mirror-jpg.jpg
Thread road jpg.jpg
Print- thread road.jpg
Bench Rust invert.jpg
Place Project:- Blairs museum and college. Live Project
blairs 2.jpg
blairs 4.jpg

Sketchbook ->

Brief:- Create a cushion cover design using various textile techniques to be sold in the Blairs museum gift shop. Your design should draw inspiration from your visit to Blairs and its catholic roots, its selection of artifacts, its architecture or grounds.