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First-year Projects
The Garment Project
gp 1.jpg
gp 2.jpg
gp 3.jpg
gp 4.jpg

This Project was a collaboration with RGU Go Green, we had a benefit fashion show in the atrium of RGU's Sir Ian Wood Building. It was the first time i had ever sent a garment down the runway, and it is an experience i shall not soon forget.

I loved working on this project, it was really challenging to figure out how to put all the puzzle pieces together, however i am so happy and proud of my final design.

Grays Days and Geometric City
Grays Collection 1.jpg

At the end of first year, I was quite confused. I wasn't sure of myself and I took every critique to heart. I now know that that is a dangerous mindset and that it isn't right to just follow along with exactly what the tutor advises. I can see so many mistakes and shortfalls in this project, I wish I had done it justice. Despite that, I do really like the final designs as conceptual pieces.

Bench Rust mirror-jpg.jpg
Thread road jpg.jpg
Print- thread road.jpg
MIX-PS Jpg.jpg
Bench Rust invert.jpg