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Textile for fashion collection

There are things that have huge influence on our lives, but over time they fade into memory. They will never be a whole experience again, but become a glimmer of what we once knew, nostalgia; but we will always have pictures to keep us right.

This project strikes a deeply personal note, drawing directly from family photo albums entailing the life's of family members i will never meet again, and those still with me. I have been inspired b the idea that over time our memories that once influenced us so profoundly become faded and return to obscurity. I wanted to show the traditional craft work taught to me from my grandparents in a new light, expressing the idea of creating something new from the knowledge of the past, growing and learning from their wisdom without forgetting our roots.

There is an ethereal nature to the work I have created for this project. The Aim was to infer a light sense of the motion of time and its effects on everything around us, from decay to growth to memorial. It was important to me to show my heritage and it decay in time, whilst also paying homage to the people in my life I shall not forget.

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