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Textile for fashion collection

My project this semester has been inspired by movement and light.
I took most of my visual inspiration from my own experimental photography where I recorded people moving in different ways such as long exposure, light painting, layering of images and camera movement. I wanted to work on something fun and interpretive that could give me room to experiment on concepts I had never worked on before, but that would also inspire me and excite me to work on. The openness of my theme allowed me to explore other concepts linked to it such as interaction, space, awareness, and sense.
I worked a lot with specialist yarns and used techniques that take a lot of time and patients to create, however the end look is something I am very happy with, and the subtle touches such as using reflective yarns in part so the knit glows under a flash are details that bring another element to my collection.

concept explaination 1_edited.jpg



Final line up.jpg
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