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Advanced Pattern Cutting Week 2

I spent a while this week figuring out how to sew a placket and fly- there are guides out there but I didn't find many of them helpful, so I am putting together a comprehensive tutorial about how to sew it all together.

Week 2. Cutting out.

Last week I was able to complete my pattern cutting in three hours, so all my pieces were ready for me to start sewing together my first toile in calico.

Pieces to cut:-

CF Leg- cut 2

CB Leg- cut 2

Waistband- Cut 2 on fold and Cut 1 interfacing on fold

Fly Guard- Cut 1 on fold and cut 1 interfacing on fold

Placket- Cut 2 and cut 1 interfacing

Pocket Bag- Cut 2

Pocket Facing- cut 2

Pocket Decoration- Cut 4


1. Fuse interfacing peices together:

- Waistband


- placket

2. overlock CFs, CBs, Fly, Placket, pocket bag, pocket facing.

Next week I will start sewing everything together.

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