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Pattern Puzzles

I’ve found myself waiting around a lot, waiting for the others to finish or at least develop their research, for them to meet with me and for us to decide as a team what we are doing, but there’s only so much time I can borrow. I’ve decided that I’m not going to wait anymore, I’m going forward with my coat design, I know it will change slightly as I pattern it or as I make it, but every major decision will still go past the group. I’ll ask their opinions on any changes, the fabric choices, the size of fastenings and such to make sure that my garment still works as part of our group’s ‘uniform’.

First attempt at an inseam pocket, i like to mark what i need to change so i can keep track.

Pattern cutting is one of my favorite part of the fashion block. There’s just something I love about the problem solving, the experimenting, trial and error before finding a solution. I am a reasonably fast sewer and I am good at visualising how things work and how to put them together. I’m not trying to say this part of the project will be easy, I know for some it will be the worst part of the semester, but I know that this is the part I get most satisfaction out of. I’ve manages to figure out how to do my pocket, its complicated and fiddly but if I take my time and am very accurate with my sewing I know ill be able to do it well.

My first full toile looks alright, but I’m not completely satisfied. I am afraid that my tutors might call it boring, I need to push it more, create more interesting shapes or some more exaggerated design feature. Everyone around me is stressed and panicking to figure out how to alter their pattern blocks. I’ve shows at least four people how to use the eyelet press, I’ve helped people figure out where they should stitch certain pieces, I am trying my best to help everyone since I know I have knowledge that could be helpful, I just need to be careful and not forget about working on my own project first, which is something I often end up doing. I am giving myself priority.

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