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Crash and Burn

My fears were realised. In my 1-2-1 with Charlie he expressed that my final garment had lost some of the originality of my sketchbook work, and that my work was not conceptual enough. To my ears and my anxious brain this meant that my work was boring and didn’t look like mine. I hadn’t gone far enough… this eerily sounded like the feedback I got from the end of first year that crushed me. But I cannot let it stop me now. It’s time to re-evaluate my work, I don’t need to change it completely I just know that if I try harder, I can push it just enough to create something of worth. I’m going to go back, retrace my steps and find what it is that made me so excited for this project, I’ll look at my woodwork more as everyone that has viewed my sketchbook has had such a positive reaction to it, perhaps I can create some kind of structure in my garment that changes it, that symbolises something.

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