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I got really ill this week. I have this thing that means that when I eat certain foods it gives me unbelievable pain in my stomach and limbs. It makes me nauseous, it closes my throat, it makes me fatigued and gives me migraines. And when I catch any other illness, be it a cold or any other virus it just gets worse and worse and sets off a chain reaction in my body that spirals until I can’t really do much except sit in bed or spew. At such a crucial point in the semester it annoys me so wholeheartedly that I am practically useless. I have however finished my garment already, I’ve completed my illustrator outcomes so that another weight off my shoulders. I was able to come in on Monday and Tuesday this week, I didn’t get to watch the fashion show, I didn’t get to participate in the photo shoots, but I trust my group and I trust that they will have represented me well. I am scared that my condition will not get better before assessment because what I do over the next week could mean the difference between a high grade and a low one.

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