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Nervous Breakdowns

So I’ve never been to Glasgow before, but I had a good time. I really don’t think that the trip was particularly helpful for our project but I learned a few things nevertheless. We visited the fashion foundry which was particularly inspirational, I’ve always found myself to be an enterprising individual, so this could be a great opportunity in my future. Visiting Mandors was useful, it forced us to finally get together at a group and look at our stuff critically, what we would need, the colours we wanted, because before then we didn’t have any idea and hadn’t met to discuss it. So at least something came from it. The rest of the week went very quickly and I’ve been noticing that with most of the weeks so far, we have something new on every day, and we have to take time to prepare for that, then we get homework for that but we also have to prepare for the next thing, illustrator Mondays, Tuesday seminars, Wednesday D+V sessions, Friday workshops. Thursday is the only day we must try and catch up with all the work we have got. I understand that we are supposed to work 9-5 each day and it’s a demanding industry, but I get home at 8pm every night, do some work at home, sleep until 6am then start my journey to uni again. At a weekend I work to be able to pay to stay at uni. It feels relentless and as though my efforts are being spread making my work of worse quality.

I've always loved Mackintosh's style

An exhibition at the lighthouse that relates to my project.

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