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Knit Workshop 2020 week 4

Ribs and Tucks.

This week I worked on the 7 gauge machine using the cream mercerised cotton I used last week and I also introduced an army green lambswool.

We covered ribs last semester very briefly since we didn't have a technician last semester. We have never been taught how to use the ribber attachments on the domestic machines so many of us learned by ourselves how to make them, with varying results. So learning how to make the ribs on the industrial machine is somewhat instrumental to our development as far as knitwear design is concerned.

1x1 Rib

Cast on with your needles already set up:



When casting on both beds should be in action (unlike normal cast on)

Knit up to make sure everything working right and then move the racking handle to the right by half a notch and secure in place with the locking pegs (don't forget this, the beds like to slip out of place if they are put in half positions.)

Complete the draw thread edge and knit up!

2x2 Rib

its exactly the same process as the 1x1 except the rib is more pronounced, the set up is as follows:

| | .. | | .. | | .. | | .. | |

| | .. | | .. | | .. | | .. | |

the 2x2 ribs are definitely a more pronounced structure and have a vastly different look to the 1x1 rib, however the 1x1 rib is far tighter. It just depends on which one you think works best for your garment/ sample.

Tucking Pattern

Holding and tucking can allow you to create interesting colour mixes and patterns, this is all down to the needle set up. Before you cast on you need to change around the needles according to the given pattern of high and low butt needles. (short or long-tailed needles)

To change the needle set up you need to remove the bar that keeps the needles in place as far as is necessary, much like removing the sponge bar on a domestic machine except this one is way easier because it is exposed and runs quite snuggly. Once you have done this its simply a case of moving around the needles to get your desired pattern.

For this pattern:



(longer line is high butt, shorter is low)

cast on and complete draw thread edge

knit 2 rows in first colour

put cams 5 and 8 in half position

knit 2 rows in second colour

put cams 5 and 8 back into action


Holding Pattern

|||I|||I|||I|||I|||I|||I|||I|||I|||I|||I (3 high, 1 low, 3 high)

||II||II||II||II||II||II||||II||II||II (2 high, 2 low, 2 high)

cast on and complete draw thread edge

knit 4 rows in first colour

put cams 1234 into half position

knit 4 rows in second colour

put cams 1234 back in full working position

knit 4 rows in first colour


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