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Knit Workshop 2020 Week 2

This week had its fair share of restarting. I jumped straight onto the 10 gauge, I figured the best way to learn was to take on the hardest and most frustrating machine first, then I would encounter the problems I should know how to fix. Plus this way every machine I use after it would be slightly easier.

I started off with a pineapple stitch that goes as follows

-knit 2 rows in the first colour

- cancel cams 5 and 8

- knit 2 rows in the first colour

- put cams 5 and 8 back in action


on this sample, I used blue cotton and a kind of greeny coloured cotton yarn. With this stitch, it is natural the sample will have more volume, but my tension was way too loose so this one didn't really work.

I then made a sample of the full Milano stitch that has an amazing structure that creates horizontal lines in the knit.

- knit 2 rows

- cancel cams 1 and 3

- knit 2 rows

- put cams 1 and 3 back in action

- knit 2 rows


I also made some samples that explored the possibilities of needle transfers by moving a certain pattern of stitches from the front bed to the back bed and putting the empty needles out of action.

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