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Knit Workshop 2020 week 5

Fashioning, Shaping, Finishing samples and Plating.

Fashioning/ shaping samples on the industrial machines works exactly the same as on any domestic machine, the only exception is that because of the stitch sizes the shaping is far more gradual and slight.


Increasing works by putting a new needle into action and moving 3 stitches across by one. This will leave 1 needle inside the knit empty but by leaving the needle in action a lace hole will be created.

Be sure to do the process on both beds at the same time to retain the structure and shaping of the knit.


Decreasing works by moving 3 stitches over by one towards the middle of the knit and pushing the empty needle on the edge out of action.

This action creates a kind of shaped hem as seen in this sample.

Decreasing by casting off

Casting off works similarly to how you could cast off on a rubber attachment on a domestic machine. first, you would need to move all the stitched on the front bed onto the back one. After this, you cast off like normal.

This can also be used as a method of decreasing multiple stitches at once; by moving a selected number of needles onto the back bed and casting them off.

* make sure to only do this on the side your carriage is at so the yarn doesn't carry over the knit.


Plating allows you to mix 2 colours in the same row of knitting and can create interesting effects over transferred stitches and ribs.

To use this effect you need to feed a second coloured yarn that is a lot thinner through the machine. On one of the yarn feeders, there will be 2 holes at the very last bit, one a normal circular hole, the second a sort of half-moon shape. you must feed your main yarn through the circular hole and our second yarn through the half-moon.

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