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Dyeing for Print

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This week was surprisingly productive. I sort of came to a decision after last weeks lag that I wanted to push myself to be as creative technically as possible, and to get back in the print room which I have been neglecting.

I haven't really been in the print room much this semester partly because it has been busy with other years working on collections, but also because I have found print to be very limiting in the past. The reason for that, I have found, was my lack of research and contextual knowledge of print. I needed to get myself excited for print in order for my brain to click into gear and finally start producing creative representations of my ideas.

So I started experimenting with my techniques, using multiple pigments on one print at a time to get a marbling effect, adding pearl and gold pigments for shine.

I have also found some new found joy in dyeing fabric, which involves some chemistry and more attention to details. The process is long and arduous but when yo see all your calculations and effort have payed off it is totally worth it. I have been researching a lost of techniques that might give me the organic shapes and textures I am truing to create and am so excited to try them out!

I am falling back in love with print, and I am producing samples and experiments at a crazy rate!

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