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'Art is Easy'

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Exploring a secret room in grays, full of magical objects organised by colour

Sometimes, yes, when your creativity is flowing and you are emotionally motivated, your body is working to its best capacity and you are in a good mental state, art is easy. However, that is most likely not the case. When you are so creatively drained and everything you are producing at that time you hate, it puts you into a mode of frustration and dissatisfaction, and this is the worst time to got to a life drawing class. Trust me.

Monday was exactly like this for me, shattered from work the night before and from staring at a computer screen all morning, Life drawing was probably the worst thing I could have gone to.

For those of you that don't go to grays, our life drawing is a bit different in that we aren't supposed to just draw the figure and draw it well. In first year our life drawing is simple, teaching us the principles of drawing, how to measure distance, how things interact within a space, looking at negative space, line weight and structure. However in second year it has taken some mental turn into the abstract, to the point where we barely even need the model.

Personally I don't see myself as an abstract artist, I am far too analytical for that, and when I am being forced into making abstract art I am always disappointed and frustrated at the results because that isn't how I see the world. Don't get me wrong, I love abstract art, but it isn't something I can create well.

I do think there is some kind of beauty in that though; I am at peace with that fact because I can just do something else really well and enjoy it more. It comes down to your personality, your surroundings, your influences and your skills. Ultimately your art is a reflection of every part of yourself. No piece is the same as the last, nor is it the same as your neighbors, and that is magnificent.

So no, Art is not easy, at least good art isn't.

So instead we do research by building cathartic blanket forts...

And taking afternoons to go on adventures...

And staying in uni until 8:30pm working away to shrek 2...

Its been a mental week, maybe next week will be more relaxed.

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