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Seminars, Workshops and Stress, oh my!

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I have been focusing heavily on the old things i have and what happens to them over time- But I do need to explore the more modern aspects to what I am looking at. I really want to figure out how to do more digital work with this project and try to be more innovative.

Playing with nature interacting with knit

once again I have found myself hitting a wall- there is so much I know I want to do but I just can't seem to fulfill the steps to get there. I don't think my work is developed enough yet and its holding me prisoner. I go to the textile rooms and find inspiration but it needs foundations. Something isn't right yet- I need to figure out what it is- streamline it all.

However, I had a great seminar with one of our tutors. She focused on research and development and it gave me a lot of ideas of how to move forward, and why my project isn't advancing as quickly as it could be. I walk into the studio and I have all these samples, everyone remarks about how fast I'm progressing but my I don't feel like I am developing as I should be.

I find peace and therapy in technical skill, making sure that my skills are at the best that I can, practicing techniques and being able to teach and help others with my knowledge is something I love to do.

my wall is getting crowded

Aside from project work, we had our CCS seminars this week. Personally, I love these seminars, I have a fantastic group that is great at exploring the ideas, we are all equally passionate about the ideas and the study of art and design. We debated the ideas of Local vs Global design and whether if something is designed in Scotland but made in China it is both Chinese and Scottish, but belongs to neither country. There are a lot of interesting concepts discussed in CCS but sometimes the wording becomes confusing. A lot of people find the lectures cumbersome to process, and that diminishes their interest in it as a whole, which is really unfortunate. Its truly a loss that we are not as excited by art theory as we should be, Having an intelligent conversation about our design theory's and aesthetics, our responsibilities in the global market working towards a circular economy.

an unexpected gift

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