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Development Dilemmas

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Lazer Cutting design woes.

To be Honest i had forgotten about the lazer cutter until now. We were re-inducted this week and there are so many cool possibilities I could play with. However, it made me realise that i am getting stuck in my development of my ideas. I need to make a list of strategies to stop myself from plateauing like i have before.

Workshop Wisdom

I love the textile workshops and I am so excited to be back in them, here i can be free to experiment and play with techniques, but I keep overthinking things instead of following my instincts. I need to be more chill and allow mistakes to happen so that my work is more organic and experimental.

Ill Again

I had to take Thursday off as I was ill. It wasn't even that bad, it was just too bad to make the journey into the city. I have to factor in about 3 hours of travel time every day so it does take a toll on my work ethic sometimes. It also means I have slightly less time to complete everything I want to as I have to factor in the weather, the temperature, daylight, what time it is and if I have to get home with enough time to cook food for tomorrow. I need to get a flat.

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