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Colour Confusion

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

I've struggled this week with trying to identify a colour pallet, and this is something I have always struggled with, I am definitely more of a textural/3D thinker as opposed to being able to identify harmonious pallets. It didn't help that every time I spoke about my work that the colour pallet was continually commented on as if it were too obvious. Honestly this confused me, all through my school career and further learning I have been told that my colour pallet must come from the evidence in front of me, the photographs i have taken, and that makes sense to me, but now I am being told it doesn't matter where it comes from. I disagree. In order to convey a theme properly I think that every decision matters, that every choice must be made in consideration of the theme I am working on.

Seminar Solutions

I had a seminar on Tuesday with another tutor that helped me exponentially. She helped me to realise that this is my own project and that I have the control over every part of it. She commented on the lovely subtle colours that connect all my research and highlight their delicate nature. It made me think again to what my project is really about, the passage of time, how it distorts our view and changes things. The past is shrouded in a vial only accessed through memories, our photographs, our marks made on the world. I definitely want to work more with texture than colour to create subtly beautiful changes in my work.

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