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Herring Scarf

This scarf is truly one of a kind! 

I mean it, I designed these scarves to use up yarn I otherwise wouldn't be able to use. The interlocking Herringbone pattern allows the colours to meld together,  letting me place them together in new combinations, and it reminds me of the fishing herritage of the town I went to school in. 


No two are the same, so your scarf will truely be yours!


My yarn is sourced either second hand on ebay or from local knitters, or from J C Rennie, a local heritage mill in Mintlaw. 

Herring Scarf

colour way
  • 100% Lambswool, sourced second hand or End of Cone

    Label is laser cut cork

  • Handwash in lukewarm water with delicate detergent. 

    Machine wash on delicate cycle below 20 degrees.

    Do not tumble dry, this will result in shrinkage. 

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