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Week 1!

Lets hit the ground running!

Being back at grays is weird, but it feels so great to have a studio again, a dedicated workspace that isn't part of my home. And through the 1 way systems that don't quite work, and the anti-bac wipes, it isn't all that different, just fewer people around than usual.

It is great just to be able to go back. Over the past 4 years, Grays has been my favourite place to go. Since my sixth year of Academy where I came into Grays every Wednesday night after school for 16 weeks as part of ACES and met my friends Emma and Ailsa (who both now study at Grays with me), Grays has consistently been a space in which I could learn, practise and grow as a person. There was always a desk for me, a space for my stuff and friendly staff that sometimes we're more like friends. I definitely missed it.

Anyway! This is a weekly update, so here is the heart of it.

I'm planning to publish a weekly update on my work this semester, including development work on my studio project, my dissertation work, workshops, and anything else I learn. The point of this is to keep myself on track and force myself to make good progress each week. It also provides evidence of studentship and stuff for my PPD module (I see you looking at my blog)

The best way to structure this would probably be by splitting it into sections (dissertation, studio, tutorials, other stuff) or maybe I should just make a video each week?

Basic points of the week:

- I'm excited to be back to grays

- There is a lot of changes to get used to.

- I am actually feeling okay about my dissertation and excited to just get going!

- Libby received it really well and was super supportive.

- my studio project was also received really well and I'm excited to get fully started!

Hopefully next week I will record more so I have better content rather than just me sitting and talking for a whole video!

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