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We The Brave.

The key to making people understand your project is to nail exactly what it is. That may sound quite simple, but when you start a project you only have some abstract concept in your head of where it is going to go.

The start of the project is always very open, the research phase that lets you explore every possible avenue of what it could be. This is when you can be experimental with your concept and find your unique point of view on the topic, as well as what about it really interests you. Let's say you get to know it.

I knew going into this project that I wanted to start with a photoshoot, so that's what I did. I sent out an open call for women to come along and have a small photoshoot and take a short interview. I wanted to use this opportunity not only for research but to provide a space in which women could talk to each other about their experiences and really feel like they had been heard.

I rented out a private studio for a whole weekend and over the course of three afternoons, I saw nine women, all of which brought unique perspectives and experiences to my research.

I was surprised at how willing all of the women were to share their stories, and I believe that I was able to get some really powerful images of each of them. I couldn't have predicted how successful this endeavor would be and I am so proud of the women that came along, I was in awe at the bravery and love in the room.

I might do another one... just for fun this time. Happy International Women's day.




Emma E.





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