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Summer Nights

Summer Project:- In some ways working on this project over summer is something that saved me, having something to focus on whilst the world around me fell really let me step out of reality for a while. This project on uniform became surprisingly personal for me, I started off with my school uniform because it was something that reminded me of my family and friends, we all wore the same uniform at different points in time, I looked at my families uniforms I was seeing every day before my brother moved into his new home. Whilst clearing out my room of everything that made me blue, I found my guide uniform and remembered all the life changing experiences they gave me and the lessons they taught me. And when tragedy struck my friends and I we spent a lot of time together, so I decide to use their piping uniforms as my final mode of research. Each uniform brought me something different, the value of hard work, the power of appearances, the beauty of unity, the empowerment of shared experiences. Uniform is something that follows us our entire lives, and I believe there is a huge power in the association we make while wearing it.

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