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I made a business!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

The past few months have been hard for everyone, it has been a once in a lifetime kind of event that hopefully, we will never have to experience again after this. We went into lockdown on the 27th of march, the country shut down overnight. For me, this meant that my 4 job interviews for different bars and restaurants disappeared. I had quit my job the week before lockdown started with interviews lined up and good prospects ahead of me. I had savings, I would be fine for another three weeks without work, and I had uni work to focus on (another reason I quit my last job). But three weeks turned into 6, then 6 weeks into 3 months and here we are. I am still unemployed, I have been refused 7 jobs that I am fully qualified, trained, and able for. I can't claim benefits, I am not eligible for universal credit, SAAS doesn't run over summer, so I have to be really careful with my finances.

So, instead of hearing another refusal I decided to push myself and my skills, and start making things to sell. I set up my own business.

And here we are! ElfyArti is currently my primary source of income. This fact is both exciting and really terrifying. The success of the business is down to me and me alone, I control everything from the creations down to the packaging, even when everything is shipped out. I even learned Excel.

This is why it is so important that you shop small. People like me are struggling right now, I have to use this time building stock, creating a momentum that I hope can tide me over the next few months, and I know a lot of people just like me that are having to do the same. We are skilled people, we are nice, the money we get from our business is directly invested back into it, or into our wellbeing. Every time I make a sale It makes my day because I am one step closer to becoming a sole trader, to being able to have a stable income from my own work.

I am excited, I am terrified, its a fun way to live.

please consider today of all days, that instead of going to Primark to get your £3 top that was made in a sweatshop by an underpaid child laborer, you buy small, buy local, and support the people that really need your support right now.

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